Whether your horse is a performance athlete or a post-surgical rehabilitation patient, we at Byler Performance Equine understand the varying needs of both and we make every effort to accommodate the special needs of our guests… both horse and owner.

Horse Swim offers special services in addition to swimming

Offering the following services:

  • Daily Swimming and Extended Full Care
  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Performance Conditioning
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Therapulse
  • Sand Based Stalls with mats
  • Turnout Paddocks and Runs
  • Horse Walker
  • Hand Walking
  • Individualized Diet & Feeding Schedules

Our daily swimming offers year-round exercise without stressing your horse’s joints… Our pool affords free motion swimming – providing continual water resistance while maintaining flexibility and enhancing aerobic function!

 Centurion Therapulse Therapy at Horse Swim

Therapulse Therapy:


• Withers
• Stifles
• Shoulders
• Back

What makes the Centurion Therapulse Blanket unique is its ability to treat the entire body of the horse in one session. The blanket contains 10 coils placed strategically along its length in order to treat the horse as efficiently as possible. These coils are removable allowing for easy laundering. The durability factor comes from the heavy cotton twill used to manufacture the blanket. The Therapulse Blanket comes with two batteries (providing 5 to 6 hours of operating time), a Centurion controller and a durable Pelican case for easy storage and portability. The Therapulse is on a 30 minute timer, freeing the operator from constant monitoring.

Our Rates/Services

Rate Schedule as of June 1, 2023
Rates are subject to change, Swim scheduling and In-house stays are subject to availability.

In-House Stay $50 per day ($52/day with alfalfa) – includes ADM 14% Feed or Nutrena Safe Choice, Coastal Hat, board, grooming, hoof condition and swim.
(Supplements supplied by owner).

Daily Swim $20.00 per horse up to 10 laps. New horses $20 first 3 swims, after 3 swims $15/horse.

After Hours / Lunch Hour Swim $20.00 per horse up to 10 laps, additional laps $1.00/lap.

Additional charges for the following:

Wound care – $10.00 per day
Surgical Rehabilitation – $35.00 per day
Hydrotherapy/ice therapy – $10.00 a day
Bandages & wraps – cost of supplies
Pick Up/Delivery is available at prevailing rates. Please call for current hauling rates

Vibe plate – 30 min session $25.00
Centurion Blanket treatment $40.00
Breathing Treatments $50 .00
Combo Packages Offered

Sound Good?