Some of the Equine Professionals that have used our services: Kelly Kaminski & Rocky, Liz Pinkston & Doc, David Key & Fancy, Rich Skelton & Roanie, Scott Snedecor & Sonny De Bueno, Speed Williams & Vipor, Tee Woolman & Megazord. Kappy Allen, Kay Blandford, Molly & Turtle Powell, Darlene Kasper, WPRA President Jymmy Kay Davis.
Cutters who have had horses in include: Robert & Connie Rust, Roy Carter, Barbra Schulte, Mecom Family of the Wichita Ranch, Bob Hunter, Bobby Ballard, Don Boone, Jeffery Matthews, Jim Short, John White… to name a few.

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Rodeo Ready

With our busy schedules, it is comforting to know that when it is time to rodeo–our horses are in the optimal shape for junior performance competitions. Our horses return home feeling and looking superb with the “ready to rodeo” attitude. works for us.
Keenan & Kate Isle of El Campo, TX

Keeps my mare in shape without stress on her legs

Swimming at Byler Performance Equine allows me to keep Fancy in shape without the stress on her legs.

David Key of Caldwell, TX - NFR Team Roper

Fortune Loves It

Fortune loves it, we also use it to see if he is sore in any of his joints.

Amanda Rutledge
Professional Barrel Racer

EPM Recovery

If it wasn’t for the Bylers, my mare Candy who contracted EPM would have never come back to run barrels let alone run at the National Finals Rodeo.

Jana Riley
WPRA Barrel Racer

Rehab at it’s best and their professional advice has given our horses the right edge and conditioning that they need to run competitive in the youth rodeo circuit.
Through their conditioning program, has helped bring back several horses that many vets had given up on. Thank you Jesse and Kimmi.

Troy Lee & Kary Ann Keaton Family

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