• Performance Conditioning
  • Aquatic Rehabilitation
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Relaxation

Each horse has a unique stride….
and each has their own unique style of swimming!
Some are power swimmers, while others are elegant and graceful. All benefit from the muscular, flexibility and aerobic exercise offered by continual water resistance while in the pool. We recognize the unique needs of our varied clients and have built our facility from the ground up with them in mind. Our swimming and hydrotherapy schedules are individualized to best meet the special needs of each horse. Post-surgical rehab to post foaling mares, we are here to help.

Our Visitors come from all walks of equine life…

From World Champions to working mothers, we enjoy our work because of the wide variety of horses that we are able to serve. Some are performance athletes who come for performance conditioning while giving their joints a much needed rest from the strain of their work. Others benefit from the mental relaxation offered by a break in their training or performing schedules. Swimming allows the horse to relax and/or rehabilitate without the rigors and strains of impact exercise. Many of our visitors are rehabilitation patients who are recovering from surgery, injury, or illness. All of the aquatic services that we offer stem around the use of our specially designed pool and custom hydrojet systems. The pool’s custom design is a result of in-depth study and over 18 years of experience.

Photo© 2005 Byler – Even after a strenuous workout in the
pool with an elevated heart rate, Quiacattin is able to exit the pool with ease.